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About Us

Poddar & Associates (P&A) was founded in the year 1969 by Sr. Advocate Mr. Binod Poddar (Former Advocate General, State of Jharkhand and Former Additional Advocate General, State of Jharkhand) and Sr. Advocate Mr. Biren Poddar, who started their practice in the year 1967 and 1969 respectively. Poddar & Associates is a full-service law firm providing legal solutions in diverse areas of law. With a true professional approach and intricate understanding of the laws applicable to different industries and sectors, we provide the most pragmatic solutions to various organisations, both public and private as well as to individuals. Our aim is to provide best legal solution to our clients on a single platform of our firm, comprising of experts, advisors and litigators in various areas of law.

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We aim to achieve this goal through consistent efforts and attention in developing and efficiently.

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We are counsellors, advisors and confidants to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Jharkhand.

Our core values

Integrity, Humility and Kindness are the ways of life for Poddar & Associates and is imbibed by all its members.

Team Work

They augment the firm’s expertise and abilities in handling work and issues having a multi-national impact.

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